Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter 10: Even the Psychic Friends Network couldn’t help

Where’s Miss Cleo when you need her? 

The saga continued, only now it involved Jones visiting psychics to learn of George Clooney’s whereabouts, ways to communicate with him, chanting and obsessive rituals to “draw him to her” -- you name it. All of this was necessary to free him from his alleged forced and obligatory relationship with Sarah Larson. Pretty soon, he would realize his place was with her!

The stories much got worse. Now, she was sure that a U.S. Marshall living in the apartment above her had been placed there by “George’s people” to watch her! And he was assigned to watch her because she held valuable insider secrets on Hollywood’s movie studios!

Jones had some sort of delusional fascination with law enforcement, had thought she was being “watched by cops” in the past, and had once chased down a police cruiser she thought was following her. To this day, I am surprised I haven’t seen her on the front page of the Los Angeles Times in handcuffs, or at least on an episode of “Cops.”

So, this guy’s being a U.S. Marshall made him an absolute target. She struck up a conversation with him, and it resulted in him avoiding her at all costs. Of course, she didn’t think it was because her weird behavior was freaking him out. Instead, she concluded in her mind that his avoidance was confirmation that he was “a spy working for Clooney.” (??)

She should have requested her money back from her psychic sessions because none of them predicted what was coming.