Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter 13: “You want I should wack Jonesy, boss?”

I think the final straw for Clooney star-chasers were Jones’ posts leading up to George Clooney being presented with a Humanitarian award during the Emmy’s ceremony. The mafia/stalking/paranoia stories were at an all-time high, and she threatened on one message board in particular to kill herself if Clooney took Canalis to the Emmys, while simultaneously implying that the mafia might kill her first (oh, excuse me, “silence” her) because she was going public with information on all the players (Clooney, Canalis, the studios, producers, agents, the mafia, Ronald McDonald, you name ‘em).

She hinted that, if the world never ever reads another post by her, it will be because the mafia had her wacked….

At this point, the readers on the particular site where these messages were posted all added her to their “ignore” list (a user setting making the posts of another user invisible).

That says it all.

So, if in the near future, you see some woman on the evening news being led away in handcuffs for paying a little too much attention to George Clooney, you'll already know who it is.