Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter 12: Meltdown number Two – Elisabetta Canalis

The meltdown Jones had when Clooney started dating Sarah Larson is NOTHING compared to the giant leap she took off the highest peak of Mount Crazymore when he and Elisabetta Canalis became a couple.

Message boards became flooded with posts about how Canalis was an escort paid by the studios to date Clooney; how Clooney was forced to date Canalis; how readers should boycott his movies as long as he dated her; how the Mafia is controlling him; how his dating her is all PR; how Jones really wished him well, doesn’t want to hurt his reputation, but is being told by some (imaginary) person to write all of this nonsense.  The message board administrators can’t delete the inflammatory and possibly libelous posts fast enough before she submits 100 more posts.

Apparently, Jones has told these stories so often to anyone who will listen because industry insiders are starting to identify her online. The self-fulfilling prophecy about being watched (more like people connected with Clooney being put on high-alert) has sadly come to fruition, but not for the reasons she thinks.