Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter 4: Star Struck

Remember those little Orphan Annie decoder pins featured in the movie “A Christmas Story”?  We could’ve used one of those to “crack the code” to understanding what the HELL Jones was talking about the night she actually met George Clooney.

Jones and I temped working film industry promotional gigs.  At one event she did meet and escort George Clooney on the Red Carpet. Clooney was nice enough to pose for a photo with her. Like anyone, she was totally star stuck. Unlike anyone, it never “wore off,” and she became even more delusional after that.

While he didn’t talk to her a lot, everything he did say became misinterpreted and twisted in her mind.  They were waiting for the ok to be seated and he said something like “I’m getting old…”

Who knows what he meant for sure -- probably just a hint that he was getting tired of waiting. Jones, who has recounted this and every Clooney fantasy at least 100 times to everyone she knows, decided in her mind the comment had a much deeper meaning, was all about their destiny and some other mumbo-gumbo. 

She promptly added it to her infinite list of “Clooney Clues” leading inevitably to their future together.