George Clooney's #1 Stalker

George Clooney: “You can’t make this s$*# up!”

Los Angeles – While playing a character on the run in his latest movie “The American,” actor George Clooney might actually need to ‘watch his back’ in real life (or hire somebody to do it), as he has been the target of an unbalanced stalker.

For the better part of 10 years, the woman, who believes she has a special relationship with him, has:
1) roamed the foothills around his home, pretending to be hiking to get a glimpse of him;

2) harassed temporary agencies who hire workers for Warner Brothers, angry because they wouldn’t give her a job at the studio so she could learn of his daily whereabouts;
3) been banned from all Warner Brothers studio lots, probably as a result of #2;
4) gotten too close to Clooney’s parents at a red-carpet event ;
5) sent harassing notes, voicemails, emails to his publicist;
6) sent anonymous voicemails to his office phone attempting to give him advice on his love life;
7) sent questionable gifts to his offices and home;
8) visited psychics in attempts to communicate with him;
9) watched George Clooney videos for 48 hours straight;
10) posted thousands, if not millions of messages under multiple screen names on celebrity websites like Internet Movie Database, trying to communicate with him (like he reads those….)
11) claimed his girlfriends were stalking HER;
12) claimed that ‘George’s people’, the mafia, and the ‘feds’ were watching her home;
13) threatened to kill herself if he took girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis to the Emmys…and the list goes on.

When asked about the stalker, a Clooney representative replied, “well, people like that are out there, in more ways than one. Someone ought to write a screenplay about this stuff because seriously, you just can’t make this sh$# up!” *

Enough said.

* The quote and press release are satirical. The facts, however, are accurate.