Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter 5: BANNED from WB! The beginning of the end

Jones managed to get temporary assignments on the Warner Brothers studio lots in LA where George Clooney once had an office.

While the reason can’t be confirmed 100 percent, what happened next was obvious. 

After complaints that Jones was talking obsessively about Clooney, showing up unauthorized at areas where he was filming, being “distracted” by his presence and not getting work done, she abruptly stopped receiving assignments at the studio.

Rumors had it that she was secretly banned from the studio lots. She became irate as a result, harassing temp agencies that worked with WB about not getting more assignments. 

There was even some kind of legal mess that followed, but it involved a temp agency paying her properly and did not involve WB. Speculation persists to date that she was identified as a potential stalker and – for safety reasons -- banned from working at WB.