Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter 11: Battling the Blogosphere

As if she hadn’t outdone herself, anyone can go online TODAY, hit any celeb gossip site or movie blog, and find thousands if not millions of completely insane posts by Jones about George Clooney.

The attempts to communicate with him, “his people,” and now the Mafia (because they have been brought in to watch her apartment too) have become more and more bizarre as readers follow and comment on the electronic trail to Crazydom. The posts have become even more delusional, with tales of the Mafia and movie studios controlling Clooney, controlling his love life, and basically holding this poor, abused super-star captive!!

The writings have also become fodder for online star-chasers, with readers battling with her about her inflammatory posts, accusing her of trolling message boards, cursing her out, and pleading with her to “get back on her meds.”