Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter 7: Sarah Larson - Jones’ Meltdown

Jones completely flipped out when George Clooney began dating Sarah Larson, and this is when the meltdown began. After all, Jones was convinced this was not supposed to happen! He was supposed to be HERS! 

Soon after, harassing emails, voicemails and notes allegedly began arriving at George Clooney’s office, at the office of Stan Rosenfeld, his publicist, and at the office of producer Steven Soderbergh. 

The messages were all obsessive gibberish about persuading Clooney to dump Sarah Larson, his whereabouts, and that she knew what was best for him. There was even this phone call to Clooney (most likely made by Jones) that made the celeb gossip sites. 

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